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Ready to actually start making a lotta bit of money?

Alright autists, I know this is a casino but you don't place a field bet on the craps table without knowing how the game even works. There are rules to the options casino, too, and you better take 15 minutes to learn about them before the doors open back up Monday morning. If not for you, do it for your wife's boyfriend. It's time to be a big boy teenager and do your share of work around the RV.
Sure there are plenty of trading strategy posts on WSB, and you probably hurt your little thumbs scrolling to the comments section to rightfully-so call that poster a nerd: and he is. So why is this any better? Because it's actually legit, like, people who know what they are doing took time away from alpha male pounding some loser's wife to give you some scraps of knowledge. Don't mess this up. Watch one, watch them all, but these will teach you why you are losing all your money and maybe even give someone as autist as you the chance to unlock the mythical green mode on Robinhood.
The Options Industry Council
Video Library (most videos are less than 10 minutes, stop making excuses)
All Strategies
There is even a Strategy Quick Guide (PDF) - yes I know it's more than 5 pages, but even you autists can see it's one strategy a page and they use big font and pretty pictures.

tldr: These are legit resources to help you understand options and stop losing money, start with this one. HONK!
Positions: AAPL 11/20 $110/115c, AMD 11/6 $76.5/79.5
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Dealing With The Fae

“Hey Al the boat is leaving soon!”
It’s been a hundred years since the peace treaty with the humans and the fae. Now we are free to go back and forth between our land and theirs. Fae hotels have been employed around the world for them to live in when they visit, and human hotels in the fae land for the same reasons. My girlfriend, Sadie, and I finally had enough money to make the trip to Quendonia, and we are beyond excited.
“Tickets please!”
“Here you go sir.”
“Thank you and please be sure to remember the rules.” That’s right. I printed out the email containing the rules. Sadie hasn’t read it yet, so we should probably go over it.
“Hey Sadie, we should probably go over the rules”
“Awww but Allison we just sat down.”
“If the ticket guy told us to remember them they must be important.”
“Fine. what does it say?”
As the boat to Quendonia went on we started to read together. I looked around and saw other people reading the rules too.
Rules to keep safe whilst on your trip!
Never accept food from the Fae. This will cause you to never be able to go home, but this might already be common knowledge due to the news reports. Please only eat the food provided to you by the hotel. When receiving your food, if the person delivering it is: Unnaturally beautiful, has pointed ears, and/or has sharp canines, please accept the food but don’t say thank you or eat it. That was a member of the fae. More on thank yous later. (We also will provide you with a new meal after contacting the reception.)
Always be polite to the fae. They can get very offended quickly, and you do not want to know what happens when they are offended. It took us fifteen years to get their king to sign the treaty, and we do not want it broken now.
Be careful when accepting gifts. Remember what kind of relationship you have with them. If this particular fae used to hate you until this moment, accept the gift, but burn it right after. NEVER give it to someone else. The fae who gave you the gift WILL know, and they will get offended because you gave their gift away, no matter their relationship with you. AND NEVER SAY THANK YOU.
Never ever give them your birth name, or even a nickname for that matter. If they look up your name because you are famous, this doesn’t matter. Just never TELL them your name. Names have power in the fae’s world and the High Fae can control you if you give them your name. If you wish to live in Quendonia and work at one of the hotels or maybe as a boat ferryman, you will be assigned a name you may give them.
Never say “thank you” to any of the fae. This implies you owe a debt to them. This can be anything from buying them food or being their slave. Instead, we suggest you say “I appreciate your assistance”.
Do not, and I mean DO NOT, go outside in the weeks before and after solstices or the equinox. Their magic is most powerful at this time, and persuasion magic does exist. The hotels have casinos, pools, and arcades for this reason.
After you return home, you might notice you can sense magic. It will feel like you are high or drunk when you are too close. If you smell iron, return home immediately, if the scent is stronger there, leave. The fae have gotten a liking to you. They will do anything to get you back to Quendonia-where they can legally do anything to you.
If you see any faerie circles (mushrooms or flowers in an unnatural circle pattern), steer clear of them. They are portals back to Quendonia and if you see many of them, the fairies want you back. Even if you are not transported back to Quendonia, time will pass slower in the circle. Centuries could pass outside in minutes. We found a man from the early nineteenth century in one, and claimed he needed to get back to President Jefferson, even though he was long dead.
For getting a member of the fae to leave you alone, simply tell them that Swinehard needs to talk to them. He is the king and likes to talk to his subjects. Swinehard will understand why the fae member is in the throne room. (The fae are noesy and he does not like this quality.) If the fae does not leave, abide by the rules and you should be fine.
If you follow these rules, you are good to go!
“Well, this seems simple enough.”
“Yeah… the consequences still seem pretty harsh though. We need to be careful.”
“Al… you're such a worry wart. Let’s just enjoy our time together.”
Soon after the boat docked. Quendonia was nothing like what the brochures showed. The picture was bright, happy and fluorescent, but it all looked dull and muted.
“Babe it’s so pretty! Look at all the bright colors!”
Wait, could Sadie not see how dull the colors are?
“But it’s grayscale… all the colors are muddy.”
“Allison are you serious? Do you need a colorblind test? Ugh. C’mon let’s just go already.”
Sadie walked off, leaving me near the dock. I had taken a colorblind test a couple years ago because my uncle is blue-yellow colorblind, but it came up negative. Why couldn’t I see the colors?
I hurried after her and we settled into the hotel. It was late so we decided to order dinner from room service.
“Roast Beef? Tomato soup with garlic bread? Now I can see why the room price was so high.”
“How ‘bout we order something small for the both of us, or share?”
“That’s a good idea… well I want the roast beef. What do you want Allison?
“The bread bowl soup sounds good.”
We called the restaurant and ordered our food. Around twenty minutes later we heard the door knock.
“I’ll get it!”
“Sadie, remember the-!”
“Yeah, yeah I know. “The Rules!” It’s fine.”
I still walked up behind her to make sure nothing bad would happen. Sadie opened the door. I didn’t see anything wrong with the attendant at first, until I looked at their face. High cheekbones, perfect hair, glowing skin-and ice blue eyes. Too perfect. Too beautiful. Sadie didn’t notice anything weird because she was admiring the food.
“Finally! Than-”
“I appreciate you bringing the food up to our room, as it is on the fourth floor.”
The fae gritted her teeth. As if they have their own rules for talking with us, her face went back to kind and sweet. She left us and the food quickly.
“What the hell was that Allison?”
“I suggest you don’t eat that, unless you want to be here forever.”
“What?” You’re making zero sense right now.”
“Rule one.”
“What about rule one?”
“Sadie for God’s sake that was a member of the fae!”
“Oh… oh shit.”
We ordered a replacement meal and were refunded.
The rest of the trip went smoothly and Sadie was more careful. I ended up getting to know one of the fae really well. Her name is Jule and she was beautiful to say the least.
“Awww man… I don’t want to leave, it's been so much fun!”
“Yeah. I feel the same way too, Sadie.”
As we started our way towards the boat I heard someone calling my name. Well, the name I gave Jule.
“Courtney! Courtney, wait!”
“Jule? What are you doing here?”
“I came to give you a goodbye present!”
“Awww it’s a teddy bear!”
I was tired and didn’t mind my words.
“Thank you so much!”
Sadie didn’t stop me either. We were both tired. We headed onto the boat like nothing happened.
I’ve waited for three years. I was convinced that Jule would come here to take me back to Quendonia. The anxiety every time I step outside eats me up. It’s only gotten worse. I just want to know what I owe her. Maybe she’s dead? That would be the best thing ever. I know I said I became her friend but that’s the only way to escape this. I just want to be free.
“Allison I know you're worried about what you said back then but you have to sleep.”
“Sadie you don’t understand I’ve been seeing them everywhere!”
“Seeing what everywhere?”
“Faerie circles. She wants me back there.”
“Relax. We’ll figure it out when that faerie comes to take what you owe her.”
Seven more nights passed before it happened.
“Let’s go on a hike! It’ll calm you down.”
The teddy bear must have heard us, because I saw twenty circles on the hike.
We finished the hike. When we got to the parking lot, I saw her. Still beautiful as ever, with her long silver hair and gray purple eyes.
“You owe me something.”
Hey this was my first post on here. I hope this makes it past review, because after reading it over it didn't sound all that scary to me. The scary stuff I tried to go for was that anxiety of not knowing when something was going to hit you, or waiting for karma to come back around. If this does make it past review, please give me some constructive criticism! I want to work on writing horror as it's one of my favorite genres. Thanks if you read this!
Edit: Thank you all so much for the love! I might do a prequel on a different subreddit explaining why Allison can't see the luring bright colors of Quendonia(This would probably be about her heritage). I will not however, be doing a sequel. I want you to not know if Allison is Jule's slave or simply Jule wanted human food. >:3 The reason I couldn't get back to you all is because I posted this right before I went to bed and I'm still in school! Sorry!
Edit 2: Lots of you are asking what Jule wants, so I'll tell you this. Allison and Jule became VERY good friends over the month Al and her girlfriend were in Quendonia. ;)
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circumferential circumflex circumflexes circumlocution circumlocutions circumlocutory circumnavigate circumnavigated circumnavigates circumnavigation circumnavigational circumscribe circumscribed circumscribing circumspect circumspection circumspectly circumstance circumstances circumstantial circumstantially circumvent circumventable circumvented circumventing circumvention circumventions circumvents circus circuses cirrhosis cirrhotic cirrus cist cistern cisterns citadel citadels citation citations cite cited cites cithers cities citing citizen citizenry citizens citizenship citrate citrates citric citron citrons citrus citruses cittern city cityscape civic civics civies civil civilian civilians civilisation civilisations civilise civilised civilising civilities civility civilly clacking clad cladding claim claimable claimant claimants claimed claiming claims clairvoyance clairvoyant clairvoyants clam clamber clambered clambering clambers clammed clamming clammy clamorous clamorously clamour clamoured clamouring clamours clamp clampdown
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Sandman: Homecoming - 7 - The Son of Phantasos

Below are all the published chapters of Sandman: Homecoming, for your convenience. Enjoy!
Chapter 1 - The Forgemaster's Assistant
Chapter 2 - The Shelf Cloud
Chapter 3 - The Birthday Present
Chapter 4 - The Old and the New
Chapter 5 - The Son of Phobetor
Chapter 6 - The Guilty and the Innocent
Chapter 7 - The Son of Phantasos
I felt bad leaving Camp without much an explanation to my friends, but it was like Brandon said. Sometimes people just leave Camp. I guess I understood what he meant now.
“Last stop, Manhattan station. Everybody out!”
I got off the bus, my now expired, expensive, one-way ticket shoved in the pocket of my signature jacket as I hopped down onto the concrete, muscling through some of the adults that had been on the trip into the city with me. My backpack, the one with the wings, was in my hand, and my Plate of Medusa was on over my shirt and jeans, but none of the passengers seemed to give me much of a glance. My dream-catcher key-chain was shoved into my pocket too. All that was left was-
“That’s one hell of a frisbee, son,” the attendant said, a short, round man with a dark combover style haircut. He wore glasses that made his eyes look larger than fishbowls. He’d been unpacking the bus for the passengers, and was now holding the shield that Jay had given to me, which I took and slung over my shoulder. He continued. “And you’re wearing a… bullet-proof vest, too?”
“Competitive frisbee is pretty hard,” I said simply.
“You’re damn right it’s hard,” he said, a smile now adorning his face. “Don’t let anyone tell you that’s not a sport to be proud of. Go get ‘em, son!”
“Thanks, have a nice day!” I waved at him, then I made my way through the terminal and into the greater city of Manhattan. I’d seen a bit of it from the bus window while riding over the bridge, but it was different up close. I’d been so used to the Greek and cozy architecture of Camp Half-Blood that I’d almost forgotten about the skyscrapers and city streets beyond the Camp’s forcefield border. They looked a lot different now then they did during the Cull, when streets were nearly flooded with blood.
I wondered just how many monsters lurked around the corner, waiting to eat me when I found myself alone. I shifted my dream-catcher key-chain out from my pocket and into my hand.
I got directions to The Henrietta and made my way across the city, crossing every corner thinking it would be my last. When nothing happened, and I made it to the lobby of the Henrietta, I found myself faced with a new concern. The lobby alone looked like something out of a King’s castle, with chandeliers made of more glittering jewels than I’d seen in my entire life. Rich people in fur coats came and went with bellboys following them like shadows, carrying loads of equipment I figured even the Heracles kids back at Camp would have had a hard time with. The adults, all dressed to the nines, gave me some pretty sour looks. No doubt I looked a bit shaggy, and I got the feeling that your average thirteen year old wasn’t even allowed in the lobby of a place like The Henrietta. Was I sure this was the place Albert had wanted me to meet him at?
I fished around for money in my pocket, pulling out a few crumpled twenty dollar bills and some drachma in change, coins I doubted would do me much in the way of favours at the front desk. The man there stared me down like I was a stray dog. He was tall and thin, with white hair kept perfectly clean and suave. He had a pencil thin mustache of the same colour, and a fed up expression. I imagined dealing with rich people all day didn’t make you very accommodating.
“Your business.” The thin man was talking to me, leaning over the pristine counter lined with gold and red velvet. “Are you here to sell... chocolates, perhaps? One of the local school donations?”
“Uh, no,” I said, wondering what he saw when he looked at me, carrying a shield on my back, and a linothorax over my clothes. “I’m… uh, well, I’m meeting a friend, here.”
“I highly doubt that,” the man said, rolling his eyes as he went back to his computer terminal. He didn’t seem in the mood for any further conversation. “Run along now, street rat. I’ll call security if you’ve forgotten where the exit is.”
“No, that’s fine,” I said. “I can make my way out.”
“Perfect. Leave please.”
“Right,” I said. I felt embarrassed. Clearly this wasn’t the right place. I turned to leave, but my suspicions were proven false by the figure that now stood in the threshold of the sliding glass doors of the Henrietta.
He was almost taller in person, I thought, but he was much more clean looking than the last time I’d seen him. Maybe he’d finally gotten some sleep, now that we had an agenda. Albert strode into the lobby wearing a plate set of celestial bronze. He was more shiny than the decorative furniture. His black hair was freshly styled short and clean, and his beard was trimmed down to stubble once again. His blue eyes were piercing azure in contrast to the dull orange glow of his armour. I wondered what all the mortals saw when they looked at him.
“I have a reservation,” he said calmly, giving me a wink as he walked towards the front desk. “I see my friend was trying to check in? It should be under Albert Ethans. The Observer’s Suite, top floor.”
“Ah, mister Ethans,” the thin man said, though he didn’t look apologetic in the slightest, simply looking quizzical as he sorted through some documents on his desk. “You’re the… Twitch… Streamer? Is that correct?”
“Yep,” Albert said. He looked like he was trying to stop himself from laughing.
“And you’re paying in… cash.”
“Very well,” the thin man said, “you seem to have cleared this with my superiors over the phone.” The man turned from his computer and folded his hands, grinning wider than I’d seen most people capable of. “Your receipt should be in your bag, as is listed in your file.”
“Right, right,” Albert said, and he knelt down in front of the desk. Suddenly, seemingly from no source at all, grains of sand started to formulate and solidify, like a small sand structure of a duffle bag. Albert placed his hands on the sculpture, and suddenly it wasn’t one anymore, but instead a solid bag, a bag he then unzipped to show rolled wads of cash. It looked like something a bank robber might have. He smiled at me again, closed the bag, and as quickly as it had appeared, the bag simply crumpled into the ground like any sandcastle might under the slightest amount of pressure. In a few more seconds, the sand was gone entirely, and Albert had paid for our rooms with more cash than I’d seen in my entire life. I followed Albert to the elevator, watching as he pressed the top-most button and closed the doors behind us.
“What was that?” I asked, still thinking about the bag, “and… he didn’t even, like no one noticed?”
“Barry, come on,” Albert said. “I’m wearing a full set of armour, and no one noticed that either. Mortals see what they want to see. That little trick was no different.”
“Hell of a trick,” I said.
“It’s one you can learn,” Albert said with a smile, leaning against the wall of the elevator as it shot upwards to the suites of The Henrietta. “Once the Dreamscape trusts you, it can keep things for you. Have you ever noticed how you always have your stuff when you go to the Dreamscape? The connection works both ways.”
“Oh,” I said, as the golden doors of the elevator opened, and an equally exuberant hallway stretched out before us. I followed Albert, who seemed to know where he was going. I continued to speak. “Well, I’ll get practicing.”
“Sure, but another night.” Albert had stopped before a set of double doors and swiped a keycard he’d gotten from the thin man at the desk. A light at the base of the doors shifted from red to green. “Tonight we’re just gonna hang out. We catch our train tomorrow.”
It turns out that you can do a decent amount of hanging out in a luxury hotel suite, especially when you’ve got nothing to do until tomorrow morning.
Camp Half-Blood had easily been the best place I’d ever lived, but even inside its magical borders there were amenities it couldn’t afford. The Henrietta, on the other hand, had anything a thirteen year old boy could ever want. Our room had a hot tub, a crazy big TV with endless cartoons, game systems, room service - which I tried for the first time - and brochures for free fast food. It was a paradise.
“There’s a place like this in Vegas,” Albert said, taking a slice of pizza and folding it in half as he took a giant bite. “The Lotus Casino, I think it’s called. Just remember that name if you ever take a trip there.”
“Awesome,” I said, my thumbs fumbling over the controller as I tried to play Super Smash Bros, a game I’d played with Brandon on occasion. I was getting in a lot of practice tonight, but I was still pretty terrible. “I’ll look it up.”
“Well, no,” Albert said with a chuckle, “I mean you should try and avoid it. Monsters own the place. They use it for luring demigods and trapping them with luxuries. Time works differently there, so you could be trapped for years without even realizing it.”
“Oh,” I said, looking towards the clock on one of the many nightstands in our gorgeous room. It read 1:13am. I’d realized I’d lost track of time pretty quickly, which meant I probably wouldn’t survive my trip to the Lotus Casino. “Well, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”
“No problem, Barry,” Albert said, dipping his pizza crust in some sauce I didn’t know the name of. “It’s a big world out there, you’d do well to- Wait, pause the game.”
I hit the start button on my controller, and looked over to Albert. We were both in pajamas, essentially, wearing t-shirts and sweatpants. Even in something so casual Albert had a cautious, almost terrified look on his face.
“What is it?”
Albert held his hand out to me to silence my questions. I tried to listen for something, to hear what Albert was hearing. I didn’t hear anything unusual, but I realized I must have left the shower running, because there was hissing coming from a different room.
But… I didn’t leave the shower running. And the bathroom wasn’t in that direction.
“Shit,” Albert said, and he rolled off the bed to grab his sword. It was a simple thing made of weathered celestial bronze, with more dents and grooves than I’d seen on any training sword at Camp. It had seen more fights than I had, that was for sure.
“What’s happening,” I said, grabbing my key-chain out from my pocket. “What’s going on?”
The door burst open, and there I saw monsters I hadn’t seen since my first summer at Camp Half-Blood. I’d only barely made it away from them before, but that was before my training. Still, even with all the knowledge of combat Jay had managed to shove into my brain, nothing really prepared you for the real thing.
Three scythian dracanae hissed at the threshold of our suite, and after a moment of silent pause, they pounced.
Thank you so much for reading! Barry has officially left Camp!
Next Time in Sandman: Homecoming
A familiar face talks. Barry holds a grudge. There’s an explosion in New York.
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Lost Niagara Attraction? "Jungleland Golf"

Hey niagara!
After the community's warm response to my history posts here pertaining to Clifton Hill and the amusement industry, I thought I'd come to you all with some information I unearthed about a possible attraction lost to time. I hope now maybe your memories could again help fill some gaps in Niagara's rich amusement history.
I was digging around in the Canadian Trademark Database and found the name of the company that Bob Dunham operated the House of Frankenstein and Castle Dracula locations under. For a quick recap, there was chain of six of these attractions across North America, the first and flagship location of both the House of Frankenstein and Castle Dracula being the Niagara locations. The company he ran these under was called Waxattract, and Niagara artist Derek Costello provided the art, figures and animation for these attractions as well as much more.
In 1979, two years after the sixth and final location in the haunted house chain opened (Castle Dracula in Lake George, NY) Waxattract filed trademarks for "Jungleland Golf" and "Monsterland Golf". Both are listed as "For proposed use in Canada." Just a few months later both trademarks were abandoned. A year after that, Waxattract filed trademarks for a Jules Verne attraction with an animated dog barbershop quartet out front as well as an Arby's franchise. A few months later these trademarks were abandoned as well.
For these attractions to have had names and characters trademarked, they must have been far enough into development that art, business plans and structural drawings were likely already partially developed. That's interesting enough, but the story doesn't end there. I tried googling these attractions to find old news articles announcing upcoming attractions or building permits, but found nothing with the exception of Jungleland. In a 2002 growth plan for the City of Niagara Falls, a section discusses the construction of the parking garage for Fallsview Casino. It reads: "To accommodate parking in the event of a closure of the Allandale parking lot at the discretion of the City of Niagara Falls and/or the Jungleland parking lot." Adding fuel to the mystery, Jungleland Golf is the only of the above trademarks transferred to a new owner and renewed after being abandoned by Waxattract. Its transferred to an Herbert W. Cowan in 1980 and not inactivated until 1996.
I can't find anything on Jungleland Golf on the internet. No brochures, merchandise, postcards, photos or references outside of the 2002 growth plan. It's possible for this reason that the municipal parking lot referenced in the 2002 plan was simply the land that was proposed for Jungleland once upon the time, still being referred to as such by the city despite the attraction never being built, even under the trademark's new owner. It's also possible however that this municipal lot referenced was called such by the city because it used to be the land Jungleland sat on, and that this Herbert Cowan ran the attraction from 1980 to 1996 as the records indicate. Adding merit to the theory the attraction existed is the fact that there is a municipal lot about 100ft from the Fallsview Parking garage at the corner of Main and Fallsview. That would have been directly across the street from the Boris Karloff Wax Museum, which was in the parking lot of the Oakes Hotel.
This is significant because as I'm sure you guessed, The Boris Karloff Wax Museum was run by Bob Dunham/Waxattact. In fact, this too was recently unearthed due to a telegram auctioned off online. The telegram was sending condolences to Boris Karloff's wife after the actor's death in 1969 and was sent from Robert (Bob) Dunham of the Boris Karloff Wax Museum. Since the museum opened roughly a year before this, it seems like he owned it from the beginning, making it both Dunham's first attraction and likely Derek Costello's, pre-dating the House of Frankenstein by a year. If he owned an attraction directly across the street from the possible location of Jungleland, it makes sense he would develop more on empty land there after all the space on Clifton Hill was used up.
After heavy digging, I found 2 aerial shots of that area from the early 90s. What's now the municipal lot indeed has a tree filled area with some small structures around it. The photos are not clear at all being taking from the Skylon tower, and one was taken in the dead of winter under a good 3 feet of snow. This makes it impossible to make out any text, logos or even evidence of a mini golf, but whatever is there looks like it couldn't be much else. Does anyone remember this? It's not to be confused with Jungle Putt on Lundy's Ln. near Typhoon Lagoon, the 80s-era mini golf/arcade/Dairy Queen that was abandoned in early 2010s and eventually burnt. Jungleland would have been near the Seagram/Minolta Tower, specifically directly across from the Oakes Hotel and there between roughly 1980-1996, if it existed. Anybody remember anything?
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Game VII.B 2020: BINGO! Rules, Roles, and Registration

There will be two games running during July:
Game A: Percy Jackson Hosted by isaacthefan and German_Shepherd_Dog
Game B: BINGO! Hosted by oomps62 and Penultima
You will be elderly.
Your knees will know the second it thinks of raining.
Both of your hips have been replaced and even your artificial hips need new hips.
You're no spring chicken. Maybe an autumn turkey.
You’re happily retired, and with your fully raised kids raising your grandkids, there isn’t much left for you in the house you raised your family. It would be so much better to still have your own private place, but within a larger community filled with other seniors!
Fairview Senior Center is the place for you. A place to make new friends and live a carefree lifestyle. Just see some excerpts from the brochure!

Fairview Senior Center- Beginning a new chapter of our lives, together.

Unfortunately, we all eventually come to the point in our lives when we need a little more help and full time care. If you’re a fall risk, for example, and need to be transitioned to life in a wheelchair at a place with full time caregivers. When that time comes, Sundown Estates Nursing Home is there. You can refer to their informational packet, with some excerpts below:

Sundown Estates- A safe place to put your family.

General Mechanics

There will be two teams the Seniors (town) vs Staff (wolves)
  • The beloved seniors residing at Fairview Senior Center. Grandpas, abuelas, omas, and bubbes. They’re retired, their kids are long grown and now raising their own kids. They’re living out their golden years among their peers, participating in retirement activities, the most sacred of which is BINGO. Unfortunately, someone keeps stealing the BINGO prizes donated by the seniors’ families, and they are not happy about someone getting between them and their BINGO games. Every day they’ll vote to remove someone from Fairview Senior Center
  • The staff at the Fairview Senior Center. The staff are greedy and stealing BINGO prizes from the seniors. Every night, the staff will deem someone as a “fall risk” and have them shipped out to Sundown Estates Nursing Home for being such a troublemaker.
  • The Seniors win if they can eliminate all of the Staff
  • The Staff win when they outnumber the remaining Seniors
Each phase, we will reveal:
  • Who was the vote target, how many votes they received, and their affiliation
  • Who was sent to Sundown Estates Nursing Home and their affiliation


Each role may exist 0 or more times.


Name Description
Bubbe Ruth She’s got the greatest soups in the facility. Come over to the Fairview Family Style Kitchen where she’ll whip you up a soup that’ll cure any ailment you have! Every night she will choose a target and their target is protected from being sent off to Sundown Estates Nursing Home. Cannot target the same person more than 3 times per game.
Opa Benjamin He doesn’t have much to say, but he’s very perceptive. He seems to know things that nobody else does. Every night he will choose a target and find out the target’s affiliation.
Grammy Beverly Nobody owns the power of persuasion like her. Give her a minute and she can convince you to do just about anything. 3 times per game, she can submit a call for the next phase to have a double vote.
Papa Herman Has he ever told you about his time in the Big One? Sit down, you’re going to be here all night listening to his war stories. Every night, he will choose a target and that target will be unable to complete their action. Does not affect items. Cannot select the same target more than 3 times per game.
Grandma Carolyn She’s got friends everywhere and they keep her informed about goings-on all over town. 3 times per game, she can choose to see the role of a player at Sundown Estates Nursing Home.
Gramps George He’s a bit of a troublemaker - he’s got a new prank to play just about every day. Every night he will choose two targets to swap. Actions done onto his first target will now be done onto his second target and vice versa. Cannot target any person (either as Target 1 or Target 2) two phases in a row.
Mawmaw Rosie She loves her mystery stories, especially Agatha Christie and Murder, She Wrote. She loves to investigate any little mystery she can find. Every night, she will choose a target and they will find out who their target submitted an action for that night, if any.
Abuelo Manuel That old back injury keeps him up at all hours of the night, so he may as well look out the window and see what’s going on all over Fairview Senior Center. 3 times per game, he can choose to spy on a player and see everybody who visited that player in the night.
Memere Rita Any grandmother would do anything for her children and grandchildren. Memere Rita sees everyone as her family. Every night, she will choose a target. If her target was scheduled to be shipped off to Sundown Estates Nursing Home, she will be shipped off instead.
Mami Anna An avid casino visitor and gambling fanatic, Mami Anna will use any tactic at her disposal to win at BINGO. 3 times per game, she can choose to target a player and have them sent to Sundown Estates Nursing Home.
Grandparents Regardless of if they’re a Pawpaw, Nana, Opa, Mummo, Abuela, or Mami, you better be prepared to get off of their lawns. While they don’t have actions, they can vote every day and earn items.


Name Description
Nurse The one in charge of everybody’s medical records… whether or not they’re accurate, who knows? Every night, they will have a player classified as a “fall risk” and have them shipped off to Sundown Estates Nursing Home.
Groundskeeper Someone’s gotta shovel the sidewalk and make sure that the paths around Fairview Senior Center are flat. Unfortunately, with this guy around, you’ll never find any evidence of crimes. Every night, they will be able to choose a player’s affiliation to obscure. Has 33% chance of failure. Cannot target the same player twice in a row.
Hall Monitor Retirement doesn't sit well with him, he needs a job to feel a sense of purpose. Despite being a Senior, he's more than happy to work with the Staff. They will begin the game as a Grandparent on the side of the Seniors, but will join the Staff if they would have been sent to Sundown Estates.
Cafeteria Worker An expert at making everybody’s favorite comfort foods, which results in their target entering a food coma and falling asleep early. Every night, they will choose a target and that target will be unable to complete their action. Does not affect items. Cannot select the same target more than 3 times during the game.
Office Manager A master at forging paperwork. Every night, they will choose a player and that player will show up as Staff to investigators. Cannot select the same target twice in a row.
The Administrator The Fairview Senior Center simply couldn’t function without them! They are immune to being sent to Sundown Estates Nursing Home as a result of night actions or items.
Game Room Manager Absolutely loves BINGO and runs the show! How could anybody ever suspect them? They will show up as being on the side of the Seniors when investigated
Security Guard Patrols around the senior center, doing “routine checks”. If he saw how rowdy the BINGO games got, he’d be sure to shut that down. Once per game, they will choose a player to visit and every visitor to that player gets sent off to Sundown Estates Nursing Home.
Volunteers When it’s not your job on the line, it can be even more difficult to resist the temptation of lifting a few prizes. After all, there are so many! Who’s going to miss a couple? Although they have no special abilities, they work with the rest of the staff.
No matter who is banned from Fairview Senior Center, the staff will always have the ability to deem seniors as “fall risks”.


Bingo Prizes (Items) will be earned by playing BINGO! Details of how BINGO is played will be outlined in the Phase 0 event, but in summary:
  • During Phase 0 players will have a chance to submit things that would be on their werewolf BINGO board
  • Each player will be assigned a unique BINGO board
  • When players find things in the threads that meet their BINGO criteria, they can call BINGO and submit their card to win an item
  • You can only have one item at a time. If you currently hold an unused item, you will not be eligible to win a new one until it is used.
Item Actions
Local Coupon Book Causes the full voting results from the phase it is used to be posted.
Manicures for Two Learn the name of one other player who shares your affiliation.
Deck of Cards Causes your vote to be counted triple for the current phase.
Fresh Garden Produce Basket Choose a person and see everyone who voted for them in that day’s vote.
Hand-knit Hat and Scarf Choose a target and learn who they submitted an action on that phase.
Scrabble Choose a target and prevent them from voting AND completing their night action.
Wine and Cheese Basket Choose a target and redirect their action onto another player of your choice.
Weekend Getaway Stay at a local hotel Choose a target. If they’re on the opposite side as you, they’re sent to Sundown Estates. If they’re on your side, you’re sent to Sundown Estates.
Massage Gift Certificate Choose a target. Nobody can visit them that night.
Lotion Gift Set Choose another player and render them invisible to any investigation that phase.
The Game of Life Choose a target and see which role visited them that phase.
Fresh Bread Assortment Choose another player. Anybody who visited them will now visit you. Anybody who visited you will now visit them.
Coffee and tea variety sampler Choose someone and if they submitted an action, guarantee that it succeeds even when it wouldn't have otherwise.
Box of Chocolates Choose to use your action and anybody who commented “first” will have their action fail for the next 3 nights.
Crocheted Doily Find out any players who visited you the night you use this action.
MP3 Player Prevent a player’s affiliation from appearing in the post when they’re sent to Sundown Estates.
Homemade Soup Protect a target from removal from the house (vote or night action) for that phase.
Floral Arrangement Remove 3 votes from your target.
Werther’s Originals Send your target to Sundown Estates.
Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Replicate the action of your first target onto your second target.
Cozy Wool Socks Privately reveals role on death to your target.
Wind Chimes Shows full vote tally from any previous phase
Leather Bound Journal Allows player to send a message upon their death to another player. This message may not exceed 150 characters, including punctuation. This item must be submitted at any point before the end of phase before that player’s death, and may not be changed after submitting.
Grand Canyon Puzzle Target someone in the current phase to publicly reveal their vote

Rules and Additional Information


If you fail to vote or submit a night action for 3 days total, you will be removed from the game.

Alt Accounts

We will not be allowing secret alt accounts for this game. Alt accounts which are publicly known are fine.

Editing Comments

If you are editing comments, it should be made clear why you’re editing. If you made an error, use strikethroughs on the information you want removed, but don’t delete it. If you want to add something, put it at the end what you’re adding. Do not share information, then immediately edit your comment to hide what you said from others.
Do not delete comments

Codes and Keys

Comments in this game should be in English and free of encryption. We ask that players do not try to find workarounds to this. Previous Removals
If you have been removed from 2 games in the past 12 months for inactivity or rule violations, you may not sign up for this game.

Discontinuation of the word “lynch” in HogwartsWerewolves Games

You may have seen the post “Hogwarts Werewolves and Social Justice” come up in the last week. If you haven’t read it already, we highly encourage you to read and discuss it with the rest of the community.
In short, as a mod team community, we believe that we should no longer use the term “lynch” in light-hearted fashion. As a Mafia-based community, many of our games revolve around phases often framed as “night kills” and “day lynches.” The word “lynch” has a long legacy of anti-Blackness and murder of Black people, Indigenous people, and members of other marginalized groups, and we feel that time is well overdue to examine what it means to continue using it as a descriptor of gameplay. While “lynch” is established Mafia terminology, it is also a word that is painful for many people to hear. We should not justify continuing to use it because it is still used commonly elsewhere. It is inappropriate and cruel to make a game out of generational trauma.
Again, we encourage the community to read the entirety of the post (linked above), as it provides further context for this decision, as well as discussion of alternative terms that can be used. We understand that this is a significant change in the way that we talk about our games, and mistakes will happen. We are not out to punish you if you forget to use an alternative word and we will apologize if we do. We are all working to be better people, but we’re all human and we need to be kind to each other while we all work towards removing lynch from our game vernacular.

Signups and Timeline

Signup using THIS LINK. Signups close at 10pm EST on Tuesday June 30. Role PMs will be sent out shortly after.
Phase 0 will start when role assignments go out (which will be shortly after the sign-up deadline. Phase 0 will last for approximately 2 days, though the confirmation period will be limited to the first 24 hours of that time.
Phase 0 will end at 10 pm (Eastern) on Thursday, July 2nd, and Phase 1 will begin shortly after.


  • Limitations on use for roles added to their descriptions
submitted by BINGO_Host to HogwartsWerewolves [link] [comments]


80,000 UTOPIA for TOPIA
20,000 uTOPIA added to UTO DRIP. +2000 per day for 10 days. (So for 10 days, 3000 UTO will drip out per day instead of 1000)
Max Amount per User: 200,000 TOPIA (4000 UTO)
When: Tomorrow, October 6th, 7PM Eastern
GET YOUR TOPIA READY! UNSTAKED TOPIA IS REQUIRED. Instructions will be added tomorrow shortly before it starts!
Coming Soon: Casino Reveal Launch Date Reveal Feature-Set Brochure
submitted by SpaceTopia to u/SpaceTopia [link] [comments]

Launch is approaching

Launch is approaching
The casino development is entering into the ending stages. Launch is rapidly approaching. Because of this, we are going to be taking some temporary actions for the betterment of the token, the launch, and TOPIA in general.
We will be temporarily DELISTING UniTopia from UniSwap effective IMMEDIATELY. The price for uTOPIA on our website will return to 0.005 per 1 during this period.
uTOPIA will be relisted upon sellout OR the casino launch date (whichever comes first).
All ETH raised from uTOPIA sales will still go into their respective budgets to insure the correct amount of funds are injected into the various pools upon relist/launch day.
Coming Soon: Casino Reveal Launch Date Reveal Feature-Set Brochure
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Human rights: Food for a crumbling thought ‘HR and globalization’ (2)
Human Rights Reader 545
[**TLDR*\* (too long didn’t read): This Reader assembles HR-thinking about globalization; it includes the role of markets and the world economic disorder, the US example and the distribution of wealth; a word is added about Keynsianism].
Markets discipline trespassers instantly; they hold, as it were, permanent elections (Susan George)
-Big money is nomadic and travels at the speed of bytes.
-Money can only pass hands wisely or unwisely, or else by means of violence. Only in appearance does money multiply itself. (Muriel Spark)
  1. We know: Unstable financial markets do not behave rationally; they can and do create losers on a scale which today makes the 1930s look like a bad day at the races. (S. George)
  2. Globalization actually links the labor, production and capital markets in economies around the world. It is clearly to blame for growing inequality in rich countries as well. It leads to debt* and to sharp short-run changes in the distribution of income. It makes it more difficult for governments to implement equitable policies. It also limits the ability of union workers to bargain.
*: In this context, the debt problem globalization has deepened has to be made more manageable to prevent the economic stagnation that will only fuel the existing vicious circle of poverty as a HR violation.
  1. Increasing the purported interdependence that globalization brings, works not for people, but just for profit. (UNDP) Globalization has been outpacing its negative repercussions on people by shrinking the global space, shrinking time and shattering borders. It also further squeezes markets and non-market activities vital for human development. As such, globalization increases human insecurity (e.g., increasing global crime, diseases and financial volatility).
No more palliatives: The US example
  1. The US economic system excludes from consideration precisely those social effects that constitute the nation’s greatest problems. Its economy is almost entirely governed by private decisions made by those who own and control the capital needed that, these days, is multiplied not by investing in productive, but in financial enterprises. …It is, after all, a capitalist system where greed reigns --a casino economy…
  2. US institutions have not solved the problems that they were created to deal with. The numerous welfare agencies have not eliminated unemployment, poverty and, most of all, not at all addressed inadequate health care --all of greatest human rights (HR) concern. Interventions needed would have to remedy the fault at its source rather than merely attempt to remedy its effects by adding a costly and burdensome bureaucracy.
  3. Under the present arrangements, social interventions are exerted in such a way that they have no effect on the root causes of all these severe social, HR and environmental shortcomings. As relates to the latter, the country is now involved in the hopeless and expensive process of patching up environmental damage after it has occurred when much of it is irreversible. Failure to address the imperative problems of unemployment, inflation**, resources depletion, environmental degradation and urban decay will simply make these problems persist, god knows for how long. (Barry Commoner)
**: Elsewhere, the US has pushed ‘less developed countries’ to designate the fight against inflation rather than fighting against unemployment as the Nr. 1 economic target. So, economic stability is clearly what is being pushed in our times --and dissidents are being kept quiet. (Hobart Rowen)
  1. Do not be fooled: Prosperity is advertised in aggregates***, but it is only experienced by individuals. That is why America has always been able to thrill with high GDP numbers and healthy average incomes without reckoning with the horrific inequality on the ground. (Hamilton Nolan)
***: Cost-benefit analyses used to sell these prosperity aggregates are understandable to economists and bureaucrats (and probably to business and industry), but are not understood by common men and women, particularly those rendered poor.
  1. “Strong in appearance but, in reality, a paper tiger incapable of resisting the wind and the rain” said Mao Zadong of the US imperialism. Yes, America purports it is a ‘defender of values’ …but certainly not less a defender of interests. (Daniel P. Moynihan)
World economic order or world economic disorder?
-John Mauldin offers the market anthropomorphic characteristics that man attributes only to gods.
  1. Moments of economic disruption present a rare opportunity to tackle the status-quo. But, Alas!, these moments are often used by those with vested interests to further entrench the same.**** (Ignacio Saiz)
****: While ignorance and stupidity must be given their due, most things come out the way they do, because the powerful want them to come out that way. (S. George) Take new technologies and trade, they both do not have intrinsic positive or negative values; they have ‘potentials’ based on who pushes them and for whose gain. For example, when, in days past OPEC countries ran surpluses, somebody had to run a deficit. The strong industrialized countries did not run these deficits, so it was the countries rendered poor that paid the bill. They hemorrhaged economically during years of consecutive negative financial flows.
  1. We are in the hands of the vested interests of large corporations that must be persuaded, cajoled, or even forced to change. Few of them are interested (or even much less committed) to such change. We must expose the negative social impacts of their activities when they pay only lip service to having changed their practices (or changed in pitifully marginal ways --presented in glossy ‘corporate responsibility’ brochures). Add to this their lack of transparency (they duck, dive, invest in smoke screens, espouse gradualist solutions and attempt to derive maximum publicity from piecemeal changes). Such is the face of the ‘corporocracy’ and of the ‘corporarchy’. (Robin Sharp) Just look at how more radical visions of social and environmental change have been diluted or silenced…
The distribution of wealth is more important than its creation
-Fair tax and effective transfer systems taken together do have an equalizing influence on the society, yet a limited one --HR issues need dedicated attention; period!
-So, when economics has ceased to strengthen social bonds, it is time to start thinking in political terms again. (Daniel Cohen)
  1. As a corollary, this time around, we must hold governments and international institutions accountable. We hear it said: “Promoting any of the (few) benefits of globalization requires mechanisms to prevent its excesses, because there is a trade-off between market efficiency and the social welfare of workers”. But is this enough? Hardly. An effective challenge of globalization (so as to make sure HR are progressively fulfilled) demands the same kind of intellectual commitment and vigor that characterized anticolonial or independence struggles.
Claudio Schuftan, Ho Chi Minh City
Your comments are welcome at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
All Readers are available at
-Keynes explained the way he understood the practical wisdom of economics in these terms: "The study of economics does not seem to require any specialized gifts of an unusually high order. Is it not, intellectually regarded, a very easy subject compared with the higher branches of philosophy and pure science? Yet good, or even competent, economists are the rarest of birds. An easy subject, at which very few excel! The paradox finds its explanation, perhaps, in that the master-economist must possess a rare combination of gifts. He must reach a high standard in several different directions and must combine talents not often found together. He must, to some extent, be mathematician, historian, statesman, philosopher. He must understand symbols and speak in words. He must contemplate the particular in terms of the general, and touch abstract and concrete in the same flight of thought. He must study the present in the light of the past for the purposes of the future. No part of man’s nature or his institutions must lie entirely outside his regard. He must be purposeful and disinterested in a simultaneous mood; as aloof and incorruptible as an artist, yet sometimes as near the earth as a politician." …far removed from what I often find…
-John Maynard Keynes and the depression of the 1930s. Keynes was not a socialist, but he understood that the vagaries of capitalism were a consequence of an absence of markets regulation, as well as of the incapacity of orthodox public policies to face the overwhelming economic crisis of the times. Keynes proposed to increase public spending so as to stimulate investment and tackle unemployment. He trusted that state intervention in the economy could moderate the capitalist crisis. He was of the opinion that unemployment was the result of an insufficient demand and not of an imbalance in the labor market. Keynsianism oriented the development of most capitalist countries at the end of World War II. The progressive fiscal policy, the control of capital markets, the significant social transfers and a greater balance between labor and capital he proposed did not translate into negative impacts on economic growth. On the contrary, economies and their productivity expanded notably as inequalities increased. This is why Keynsianism was labeled the greatest success of the twentieth century; it gave birth to the welfare state. The 1970s and 80s buried Keynsianism. The role of the state shrunk, 1% of the population became immensely rich and, to this day, inequalities reached unprecedented levels. This just goes to show that we can no longer believe in the infallibility of the automatic functioning of the market. (Roberto Pizarro)
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Let me tell you about my vacation.

Rebecca and I had never cruised before. You know how wives can be... she dropped less and less subtle hints over the years that she really wanted to go, and that I should start saving money for it. She told me I should spring for that family friendly one. The one with the cartoon mouse. But since I was the one paying for it, I decided we should go with a deal I found on a membership warehouse travel website. Looking back I wish I had just paid the up charge and dealt with all the animated characters surrounded by screaming children.
I booked what sounded to me like a fairly nice cruise that was suppose to visit Cuba and Cozumel. But I got an email at the hotel a few hours before we were supposed to board ship. It said something like, due to diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, your ship has had to change one of it's destinations. They gave us gratuitous apologies, and a $500 refund on our tickets . I had never been so happy to have my vacation ruined.
The ship was the biggest boat I had ever seen, but that's not really saying much. From the outside it looked impressive floating there alone in port. Once I got on board though, I could see it was old. And judging from how it didn't match what I had seen on the commercials, it was not one of their mega ships. You know the ones with laser tag arenas, Broadway shows, and water slides? Rebecca was instantly disappointed.
Some friends had told us to put our phones in airplane mode to avoid international roaming charges. They said that all those ships have wifi, and you can talk over messenger. That way you could avoid the horror story of having a thousand dollar phone bill lurking in your mailbox when you get home.
We got to our coffin, I mean our cabin. There were two tiny single beds with paper thin mattresses on either wall. And a water logged port hole half filled with dirty seawater. It was a nonsmoking room, but you could tell it hadn't always been. Anything plastic had that yellowed nicotine residue you find in ancient casinos.
"Oh, this romantic." I smiled seductively. "We can pretend we are being naughty at summer camp."
"Shut up." Rebecca struggled her oversize suitcase through the tiny door as I pressed myself against the far wall to give her room. When you have an angry woman on your hands, and she has all the exits blocked, your only options are diplomacy, or distraction.
"Oh hey look! A catalog of all the things we can do on our new itinerary." The freshly printed brochures sat neatly on the foot of the bed. The plain paper didn't match the other printouts glossy finish. I imagine some poor intern stayed up the night before reprinting all those pages.
We putted around the ship. Bought ourselves a pair of those novelty drinks that come in a pineapple. The paper straws in our drinks turned to mush before we could finish. Rebecca wound up pouring half her drink down her shirt and soaking her pants in the lounge chair. We watched the waves roll by, and I attempted to avoid getting my head bit off.
"So, we are going to southern Mexico instead of Cuba. There goes my cigar smuggling empire." I flipped through the brochure. "Let's see... they have a dolphin encounter."
"No, those places keep dolphins in tiny swimming pools for tourists."
"OK, glass blowing workshop?"
"No, it's Mexico. It's gonna be way to hot to anywhere near a furnace." Rebecca said struggling to get the remaining alcohol out of her pineapple.
"Mayan ruins?"
"OH! Chichen Itza? I went there on senior trip. It was amazing!" Finally after struggling to try and get her to have a good time, I had found a winner.
"Uh... no. That one is near Cosumel, we are headed down near... Belize. This one is called Chac... chucky... Chac-cho-ben. Apparently that means... 'the Place of the Red Corn.'"
The excursion to the ruins cost $150, but we had our discount so I splurged a little bit to make her happy. We tried to have fun, and drank a little bit on the way. Watched a ventriloquist act and what seemed like high school production of some fan fiction of Guys and Dolls. We went to bed, after having the steward put the beds together, and when we woke up, the ship was already making its way into port.
The first thing we noticed was the smell. The water in the brochure had been crystal clear. But what greeted us at the pier looked and smelled like diarrhea. Apparently the seaweed blooms had somehow gone bad, and mountains of rotting plant life washed up on the picturesque beach every day. We held our noses and scurried past the welcome sign and triggered the most elaborate tourist trap I've ever seen.
The little brightly colored shops huddled up in a small shopping plaza past customs at the end of the pier. A row of parrots and flamingos danced to entice children to get their parents to pay to go through the rope bridge aviary that snaked through the trees above us. Some Mayan entertainers danced and did acrobatics around a pole, as a mariachi band played in the swim up bar.
Due to her desperate need of chachkies, Rebecca wandered off to shop a while. With everything to see, I admit I lost track of time. Before I knew it, we were late to meet with the van that was going to drive us out to the ruins. I power walked through the crowds calling for Rebecca, and asking very friendly people who spoke broken English if they had seen her.
I gave upon trying to find her and headed toward our pickup location. I was going to tell them that I had misplaced my wife, when I heard...
"There he is! Sorry, thanks so much for waiting."
For the first time in recorded existence Rebecca had shown up early to an event. And I was the one that was holding up the show. Clearly she was very excited to go see those piles of rocks in the jungle. Our guide Esmeralda cheerfully greeted me and lead us down a gravel path to a hidden parking lot. We hopped in the nondescript van, where another family sat in the bench seats.
As we exited the tourist trap, we passed several gates in high fences topped with razor wire. Apparently a lot of effort goes into keeping those precious tourists safe. To keep us entertained Esmeralda knelt in the front passenger seat as we drove along the boring jungle roads. She showed us pictures of animals and trees that could be found in the surrounding bush. And taught us enough about the Mayan language to try and sell us some fancy bracelets with our names on them.
I don't know exactly what happened. Suddenly the van was rolling on it's side and the whole world turned dark green. I saw sweet Esmeralda with her laminated pictures tumble half way out the driver side window. A long trail of blood shooting out of the driver’s mouth. I closed my eyes, but I’ll never forget her screams as she realized the van was crushing her… and the she was gone.
We lay there stunned sinking the muck of some pool warm ooze. Several men jumped up on the side of the van. I was able to get a hold of one of the men and tried to fight him off, but I was still buckled into my seat. The man slipped away as Rebecca yanked me back down in her panic.
The young father behind me cradled his wife’s head and begged her to wake up. The young lady’s neck had been twisted at an awkward angle in the crash, and their daughter was screaming. Rocks beat at the remaining windows and they shattered down in a rain of tempered glass. Then the strange men poked at us with long metal spears that had needles on the end. They jabbed the needles deep into our arms and legs. Immediately I could feel the numbness of some sort of poison taking hold.
The men backed off, and struggled to get free. I pulled out my phone to call 911, and my fingers went numb as I remembered the phone was in airplane mode. My tongue got dry, and I fell over into the driver’s lap. I lost consciousness looking up at his dead eyes and broken jaw.
I awoke. Which I will say did come as a pleasant surprise. I was going to die right there in that van. I opened my eyes, and blinked at the darkness around me. Several soft points of light twinkled far above me. My hands were tied to a stone carving of a jaguar above my head. As I sat there I realized I could feel someone pressed up against my back. The smell of Rebecca's shampoo let me know it was her.
“Becca, you awake?” I asked as I rocked us back and forth.
I listened carefully for any response, but all I heard in the darkness was her gentle breathing and a strange slurping sound coming from the ruins around us. I held my breath there in that dark place. My eyes began to adjust and I thought I could see long white shapes slowly sliding down the bricks.
“Oh FUCK this!” I said as I tried to stand, my legs were all pins and needles and I flopped back and forth on my knees. I was able to work the rope that hung in the stone carving loose. And Rebecca and I tumbled to the floor as one of those things rared up inches from her face. I kicked it away but there was another, out my reach and slowly easing up her leg.
Rebecca moaned as slime coating the strange worm glistened off the flesh of her leg. The end of the thing started pulsating slowly, and I could hear the teeth digging and chewing. Rebecca lay there in a daze, not responding. I kicked at the worm things that tried to inch closer to me, one even dropped from the ceiling onto my calf. The slime off it’s skin started to numb my lower leg.
I knew at that point we were meant to be food for these things. Those men, could watching from the shadows, saving that young father and his little girl for tomorrow’s meal. I shook Rebecca as hard as I could, we had to get free, we had to get out of there. I got no response.
I clawed at the ropes around my wrists as the chewing things crawled closer. I could see them writhe under Rebecca’s shirt. The numbness in my hands made it impossible to work the knots. And the rope was to strong to break by hand. In my panic only one sickening idea came to mind. I wasn’t going to be able to drag her out of there, and I need to somehow, get out, get help.
I stood up, dangling Rebecca’s hands on stone floor beneath me. The starlight from the open shaft above us made the outline of her dainty fingers barely visible. With a scream of disgust at what was planning, I raised my heel and brought it down hard on those thin fingers.
Rebecca’s eyes shot open and she started to wail as I brought my heel down again on her hands. Breaking the delicate bones of her wrists and arms, I pulled at the rope. The worm things crawled up her neck and latched onto her cheek. That horrible chewing and sucking sound came out of her mouth as it ate through her face.
I stopped my wife’s hands into bloody ruins as she looked up at me and screamed. I got the rope free, and hooked my hands into the stone jaguar’s mouth. Then I pulled myself up. The white creatures wriggled across the floor where I had stood just a moment before. And Rebecca's screaming started to waver and fade to sobs, then silence.
I struggled up the shaft, inch my inch. Pressing my legs against one wall and my back against the other, I climbed in the darkness. Every muscle of my body quivering from strain I finally found myself at the top of a plant covered hill. I stood there in the middle of the jungle, and spun around. I didn’t see any signs of civilization. I checked my pocket, and thankfully my phone was still there.
I clicked it on, and swiped airplane mode off. No signal. The moon was near the horizon, I guessed which way was east, and struggled through darkness of the jungle in search of that long highway where everything had gone wrong.
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A thousand words wasn't enough? Here's five thousand.

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italiano italic italy item items its itself itunes iv ivory ix j ja jack jacket jackets jackie jackson jacksonville jacob jade jaguar jail jake jam jamaica james jamie jan jane janet january japan japanese jar jason java javascript jay jazz jc jd je jean jeans jeep jeff jefferson jeffrey jelsoft jennifer jenny jeremy jerry jersey jerusalem jesse jessica jesus jet jets jewel jewellery jewelry jewish jews jill jim jimmy jj jm jo joan job jobs joe joel john johnny johns johnson johnston join joined joining joins joint joke jokes jon jonathan jones jordan jose joseph josh joshua journal journalism journalist journalists journals journey joy joyce jp jpeg jpg jr js juan judge judges judgment judicial judy juice jul julia julian julie july jump jumping jun junction june jungle junior junk jurisdiction jury just justice justify justin juvenile jvc k ka kai kansas karaoke karen karl karma kate kathy katie katrina kay kazakhstan kb kde keen keep keeping keeps keith kelkoo kelly ken kennedy kenneth kenny keno kent kentucky kenya kept kernel kerry kevin key keyboard keyboards keys keyword keywords kg kick kid kidney kids kijiji kill killed killer killing kills kilometers kim kinase kind kinda kinds king kingdom kings kingston kirk kiss kissing kit kitchen kits kitty klein km knee knew knife knight knights knit knitting knives knock know knowing knowledge knowledgestorm known knows ko kodak kong korea korean kruger ks kurt kuwait kw ky kyle l la lab label labeled labels labor laboratories laboratory labour labs lace lack ladder laden ladies lady lafayette laid lake lakes lamb lambda lamp lamps lan lancaster lance land landing lands landscape landscapes lane lanes lang language languages lanka laos lap laptop laptops large largely larger largest larry
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View online brochures as PDF: Please click on the image of the desired brochures. Order brochures by post: We will send you our brochures in printed form. Please fill in the fields marked with * and indicate which brochures you would like to receive in the mail. Face Shields, Ear Savers, Customized PPE Products. Casino Safety Products. Safety Is Our Middle Name Please ask any of our Casino hosts for our other Gaming Guides and Information Brochures in this series. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT ANY TSOGO SUN GAMING CASINO Montecasino : 011 510 7000 Suncoast : 031 328 3000 Gold Reef City : 011 248 5000 Silverstar : 011 662 7300 The Ridge : 013 655 9300 Hemingways : 043 707 7777 Emnotweni : 013 757 4300 Golden Horse : 033 395 8136/7 Garden Route : 044 ... Brochures Casino Operators Catalog : IFC. PUTTING DECADES OF MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOUR A TRUSTED, PROVEN For nearly three decades, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI ® ) has worked closely with casino operators across the United States and Canada to offer an unparalleled range of services designed to empower our clients. Drawing from our experiences in more than 475 ... As leading innovators of slot machines and gaming enterprise management systems for the global gaming market, Konami Gaming, Inc. and Konami Australia Pty Ltd have been creating big waves in the gaming industry. Every machine, game or system that KONAMI creates focuses on the experience. Conceived by imagination. Born from fun™. Problem Gambling Brochures Dollars, Canadian Dollars, GBP, SEK or Euros. Whenever a currency is mentioned (in connection with bonuses, deposit eligibility, bets, jackpots, etc) it will be calculated Problem Gambling Brochures in US Problem Gambling Brochures Dollars and converted to your chosen currency. Play Casino Brochures templates of printed products - brochures of different types and sizes in formats that are suitable for printing in most printers. Here you will find and download the full color brochure printing to provide customers with general information of your company or organization. After printing, Play Casino brochures can be bent in various methods: in half, and any other non ... Casino Brochures templates of printed products - brochures of different types and sizes in formats that are suitable for printing in most printers. Here you will find and download the full color brochure printing to provide customers with general information of your company or organization. After printing, Casino brochures can be bent in various methods: in half, and any other non-standard ... Coming Soon! SIGN UP FOR PROMOTIONS AND UPCOMING EVENTS. Join Now

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LET US KNOW if yo have heard of these rumors spreading around. Do you agree with them? Or do you feel relieved now that these are not true? WE WANT YOU TO IN... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. How To Set Time On Casio G-Shock In 10 Seconds Buy New G-Shock on Amazon: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This keyboard is loaded up with some great sounds, especially in the organ section - and I mean great, not just cheesy-type great. There are also some intere... CASIO CT 470 Hyacinth is trying everything she can to make her holiday brochure stand out. Season 3 Episode 4. Subscribe for more exclusive clips, trailers and more. http... Products you can trust STANLEY Security delivers innovative integrated security solutions, that provide better security, convenience and control for resident...