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[Long] Fairy Tales Do Come True (Story/Video/Pictures plus First Visit recount.) 28F-US/22M-UK

TLDR At the bottom.
If you had told me that this is where I'd be today, with the love of my life, I'd have never believed you. In late June of this year, I made a reddit post to foreveralonedating on a throwaway as a way to reach out to the universe, expecting nothing more than silence, or at best some new friendships. The idea that I'd meet the right person, on Reddit or anywhere else, much less on that subreddit, felt impossible.
Lo and behold I received some replies. One in particular which stood out to me was sent by an amazing guy from England. At first I hesitated to reply, given the transoceanic distance, but that would have been the biggest mistake of my life.
This long, well thought out reply opened a door to a world I thought only existed in the most idealistic of minds and childlike fantasies. Every conversation with him felt effortless, as did interaction, which for someone like me says a hell of a lot. Ba-dum-tsh, babe. (I know he'll read this.)
We quickly fell for each other and realized how perfect we are for one another. I have never been so certain, so enamored, so sure and secure about anyone in my life, and I've entertained two 4+ year failed previous relationships so that also says a lot.
We were fortunate to both be in positions to accommodate a quick arrangement to meet in person, and on July 28th a plane ticket was purchased for him to fly all the way from England to California, for a glorious two week visit.
In the interim of waiting, we have spent every single day together just about, missing only a couple of days in the entirety of that timespan. We spend hours together every day talking in voice, and we try to spend at least 30 minutes a night on camera with one another. We're both extremely monogamous, long-term oriented individuals, so our communication from the moment we met until now and onwards has included every possible important and unimportant thing you could imagine (beliefs, morals, dreams, hopes, views of relationship expectations, finances, religion, politics, home life, childhoods, you name it it's been covered). As a result of this we are both certain that we are right for one another.
Leading up to the grand day of meeting, I decided to utilize the app called Couple which I'm sure some of you know about, to start a little countdown imagery of my own. Warning, I can't draw well at all, and the tools given are rudimentary, but I still thought it would be cute/sweet to do. It's the 12 days of missing him. :3
It has been a long time since I've been in a long distance relationship, and I wasn't sure if I'd ever consider it worth it over a longer term of time between closing said distance, but I can absolutely say it was the right decision, and he is the only person I want and need for the rest of my life. On November 1st, at 8:20PM PST, he finally arrived after a 19 hour flight session across multiple borders.
This is the video from that moment.
And you can bet I'll never, ever forget it.
Everything I thought he was, he was so much more. For a quick relevant detail, I am averse to PDA (even around friends) because of my Social Anxiety Disorder. The minute we let go from that hug I reached out and grabbed his hand, and we continued to hold hands and hug and enjoy each other the entire time we were there and waiting for his bags to arrive. And even beyond that point, we were holding hands until we got in the car with my two friends who took me to pick him up from the airport. At which point I hopped in the back seat and immediately snuggled up to him close. Everything felt so natural, yet so surreal.
For the first day or two I was shaking from nerves and excitement and sheer joy. The feeling of finally holding someone you've longed to for so damn long, let me tell you, it's above and beyond anything you could possibly expect from it. It's a radiance you feel in your heart unlike any other.
He brought this book with him, a journal he scavenged his entire town for, looking for the right one. He bought it, bound in leather, and proceeded to write and draw in it regularly, as a recollection of our journey together. I have taken some photos and with permission am sharing them.
First Inside Page
Of Happy.
He also brought a present for me, an Aries pendant, as we are both Aries. I took photos of his and mine. I never intend to take it off.
We've shared a lot of adventures together during this trip. One of the first ones we had was a trip to the boardwalk, where we stopped to take a few photos together:
So happy.
So. Goddamn. Happy.
We went to see a movie at the theatre after that (walked everywhere because my city is small enough and it was actually gorgeously sunny during what is usually a rainy season), then came back around the boardwalk in time to find this horse carriage ride guy around that gives tours of my city's historical area. We decided to go for a ride and the man was kind enough to take a wonderful photo to commemorate the moment.
It was heaven.
After that we returned home for many cuddles, laughs, shows, and in general good times. I've never been treated so well in my life. One of the days he insisted on taking me out on a proper dinner date, so we went to this restaurant I like called Pachanga's. I had a burrito, a fried banana/ice cream for dessert, and a margarita that was delicious. He had something called Flan for dessert, which actually tastes good, although I didn't care for the texture. He also took this silly photo of me sitting across from him. I took one as well but he declined my posting of it and I respect his wishes.
Between the outings, the dinners, the fun, the movies, the cuddling, the gaming side by side, the sheer amazing accrued memories we've gathered throughout this stay together, everything has been bar none perfect. We even went to a casino hotel and I managed to make 2.5 times what I spent on the lower end slot machines.
I'm writing this while he's peacefully napping behind me, occasionally looking back at him and thinking about how lucky I am, how amazing he is, and how wonderful life will be when we overcome this distance. I knew everything would go well, but I could not have pictured the real life fairy tale I've found myself in. In all the time we've been together, we've never argued even once, and our communication is strong. There's a trust, a bond, a loyalty, a commitment, a love that is a force to be reckoned with between us. An unbreakable bond that I have no doubt will last a lifetime, and beyond that, an eternity.
He leaves tomorrow, back on the plane at 4:30PM, though my final in-person goodbye will be closer to 3:30PM. On the second night of his visit, as I looked over at him in bed beside me, I envisioned this moment now soon arriving and started feeling tears stream down my face. About two nights ago, he held me as I cried again over the very thought of having to let go of his grasp. As I type this all out, I fight off the sad emotions and try so desperately to focus on this wonder, this gift, that has been brought into my life, and hope only to give back just as much if not moreso than I get, to him.
All the pain, the waiting, the longing, the obstacles, everything is worth it when you've found someone you love so much, that loves you the same, and whom you know you're right for and with. Someone who makes you feel secure, loved, appreciated, respected, and well taken care of. No matter the circumstances, or the future struggles to close the distance we face, I know I've finally found my prince. My Casper, as was a quickly established affectionate title, for I see him as an ethereal entity shining a radiance that which even angels would fear to tread upon. A gorgeous, wonderful, absolutely spectacular entity of the highest regards. He is permanently on my pedestal, and one day, one day, the very image of holding his hand in day to day life will be a reality for us in perpetuity. I know it. I'll fight for it. And I know he'll fight for it. We'll work together, and with that, nothing can stop us. Fairy tales really do come true, apparently. <3
Thank you for reading, and I hope this is able to give some hope to some of you out there, in some small way. We have so much to be thankful for.
TL;DR: I met my SO on Reddit from a throwaway post to foreveralonedating which I hadn't expected anything to come from, much less what I got. Now my life has been thrown into a fairy tale I thought only existed in the movies, and I feel a bond so strong with him that I know nothing could ever break it. He is beyond perfect to and for me. He came to visit on November 1st and as I finish typing is still sleeping behind me. I'm sad to see him go but have had more than the time of my life with him every step of the way from the moment I saw him step off that plane until now. I am happier than I've ever been and the many memories we've shared together in this duration will last for a lifetime. Movies, gaming side by side, tv shows, dinners, horse carriage rides, inside jokes, laughter, smiles, cuddling, kissing, holding hands, just being together. All of it. I cannot say thank you enough to the universe.
And I cannot say thank you enough to this community, because being a part of it has helped me so much throughout this time. So thank you all. I wish everyone's relationships well.
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